Rodney Alcala

Over the years, there have been a number of high profile serial killers that have risen from different parts of the United States and gained notoriety in the media. The crimes committed by a few have even been immortalised by Hollywood. For instance, Charles Manson, who was a cult leader and orchestrated crimes in the… Continue reading Rodney Alcala

Abuse Scandals in Nursing/Care Homes

Introduction A population of around 3.2 million people are living in nursing/care homes in the UK. As the population ages, around 40% of the adults will be coming to live in nursing/care homes at some point during their lifetime. Many of the people living in these nursing homes are taken good care of, however, some… Continue reading Abuse Scandals in Nursing/Care Homes

Unsolved Crimes

One of the most life changing events, for anybody, is to have a loved one brutally murdered. If the killer is never found, those closest to the victim continue to suffer as justice never prevails. America has had many unsolved crimes over the years, with some of the most publicised including: JonBenet Ramsey In December… Continue reading Unsolved Crimes

Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned

Unfortunately, there are many evil acts committed in the world in which victims are kidnapped to fulfill a role for their captor. The lucky ones end up being found shortly after, in many instances saving their lives, the bodies of others turn up unexpectedly and some victims remaining missing, their fates unknown. There are instances… Continue reading Life in Captivity – Kidnapped and Imprisoned